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Pipe Masters Champion Joey Buran

"I believe that Sean's role as a surf instructor/coach has given him a great outlet and opportunity to pour his surf knowledge into others... "

Professional surfer and former United States Surf Team Head Coach
- Joey Buran

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Welcome to Surf Coach USA

Surf Coach USA is the base camp for ISA 2009 World Champion Surf Team Gold Medal coach Sean Mattison. Sean Mattison's professional surf coach philosophy is a mix between both coach and manager. He provides flexible management with key observation, simple communication and advanced tactical contributions to develop key talents in surfing individuals.

Sean's passion and devotion to competitive and free surfing drives his personalized coaching programs from a tactical viewpoint. He focuses on the importance of a counter-attack and one's ability to read wave conditions appropriately. Secondly, he centers on the improvement of an individuals athleticism and motivates the pace of progression.

There is no doubt Sean's professional surfing experience and coaching strategy presses individuals to attack surfing with a core understanding of ocean conditions and pushes personal abilities in advanced areas. The result is a surfer who is more confident and can maximize personal performance both in and out of the water.

There's a good reason why a number of surfing's top athletes are engaged in personal surf training programs with Sean Mattison, because they see the results of a good coach.

Are you are ready to enjoy surfing and improve performance?

Surf Coach USA can take your there!

Training Instructor, USA Team Coach and Owner of Surf Coach USA
About Sean Mattison:
Sean Mattison is owner and lead instructor of Surf Coach USA. Like any other sport, being a professional surfer takes dedication and commitment. Surf Coach USA coaching camps and training programs build confidence, self-discipline, health consciousness, and ocean knowledge. With 30 years of competitive surfing experience Sean provides the proper analysis and direction to maximize personal performance.

Learn more about United States Surf team coach Sean Mattison history in surfing or view the testimonials of others.

For all additional information, please contact our office at (760) 429-3054.

OR send an email to SURF COACH USA at

We look forward to seeing you in the water. Come on and take your surfing to the next level!


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