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Adult Surf Lessons

There is a great interest with Adult Surfers today who want to improve their skill set or learn to surf. Many are not interested in competing but desire to move forward in there own personal enjoyment of surfing. Surf Coach USA offers adult surf lessons and instruction on a ongoing yearly basis.

We have discovered many adult surfer's are plateaued in their current surfing performance and desire coaching assistance for improvement. Having a coach/instructor can help change bad surfing habits and release muscle memory which is a leading cause of surfing stagnation.

We have geared our adult surf lessons to motivate adult surfers in a variety of differnet areas. Our programs are designed to ENERGIZE your personal desire for improvement and steadily push your surfing performance continuously forward.

Join us for an Adult Surf Lesson and you will quickly find - "If you surf better you have more fun".

We offer Adult Surf Instruction and Coaching for any style of surfing or any age.
& for those of you who have never surfed - It's never too late to start surfing!

World Gold Medal Surf Coach with Sean Mattison
Adult Surfing Lesson are $100.00 per hour /with a 2 hr min.


*CPR and First Aid certified.

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