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Surf Camp USA

Learn to Surf Camps, Private Surf Instruction and Group Surfing Lessons

Learn to Surf

LEARN TO SURF [Classic Surfing Classes and Lessons]

At Surf Coach USA we have over 3 decades of experience surfing and we are very comfortable with the ocean and the vast amount of wave conditions one would expect to be associated with surfing in it.

One of the first lessons we will teach you about surfing is to build confident with your own abilities in the ocean. We encourage those who are eager to learn how to surf to recognize the potential power of surf conditions and to have excellent swimming skills.

Most of our students are beginners and are able to surf after just a few lessons.

Let's Get Surfing! Getting Started

Surf Coach USA offers surf classes 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
(Please note that lessons are always tide-dependent based on current surf conditions)
Surfing lessons are based on conditions, if the waves are are not satisfactory we will need to reschedule the lesson to a different time. Generally, surf conditions are best in the early morning in California. Later in the day the wind generally changes direction and the conditions are more difficult to surf.

A typical beginner lesson includes about 30 minutes of theory and practice on the beach (water safety, general rules of thumb, surfer's etiquette, pop-up and duck-dive techniques, etc.) and one full hour in the water.
We provide a soft surfboard and wetsuit.

We will work with you on scheduling training time.

We recommend you bring sun screen, towel, drinking water, and healthy attitude to get started.

Group Lessons, Semi-Private and Private lessons.

Our group lessons include 2 or 5 students maximum. We believe the teacher-student ratio is crucial to your learning, so we limit the class to a small number of students. We recommend asking your friends to join you and form your own group or simply join one of our existing surf classes and jump right into the action.

We will generally encourage students to sign up for a group lessons whenever possible, as we feel the group dynamics increases the level of awareness and enhances the opportunities for progression.

* Most of the Learn to Surf lesson are done in a group format.

Semi-private lessons consist of 2 or 3 students. We see many couples, mom & daughter team, and
dad & son team choosing this option. A semi-private lesson is $60 per person with a two hour minimum.

4 or more surfing ( 2 hrs) $50.00 each

Private Learn to Surf Lesson

Private lessons offer individual instruction. Your progress is closely monitored. We provide you with
frequent and immediate feedback after each wave you ride. For safety reasons, we ask that all children
under 14 enroll in a private lesson as we strongly feel they need constant supervision while in the water.

Private lessons are also best for intermediate and advanced students. A private lesson is $100 per hour (2hr. min)
Surfing is an amazing and thrilling sport. If you have reasonable athletic abilities, we will get you surfing!

And remember that you can learn in one or two lessons what would take you over 3 months to learn on
your own. Taking a lesson makes a huge difference. It prevents bad habits from forming. It gives you the
tools to practice by yourself. It makes you a better surfer as you will learn the rules and etiquette of
surfing. Book your lesson today!

Learn to Surf Price: Surf Coaching with Sean Mattison

1 person $100 per hour (2hrs min.)
2-3 person $60.00 each (2 hrs min.) Call us at (760) 429-3054 to purchase group lessons
4 or more $50.00 each ( 2 hrs min.) Call us at (760) 429-3054 to purchase group lessons

*Soft Surfboards included in the Learn to Surf.
*2 hour minimum for a single surf coaching session is required.


Gift Certificates are available!
Give the Gift of Shred.

For more information on a Private Surf Lessons and Instruction
please contact us at or CALL US at (760) 429-3054

*CPR and First Aid certified

Take your surfing to the next level!


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