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The following are real-life quotes and accounts from prior Surf Coach USA trainees whose experiences have resulted in dramatic athletic and motivational improvements. These surfers are proud to share their life-changing experiences and newfound perspectives!


Midget Smith - Professional Surf Judge

"My name is Midget Smith and I am a professional judge. Having head judged for the NSSA, ISA and ASP for 20 some odd years I believe I am very qualified to give you my opinion on Sean Mattison.

First having met Sean in the early '90's when he moved to California to compete in the Bud Tour series it became readily apparent that, on a talent level, he was an outstanding addition to the Pro Tour. He differed from other surfers also by having a polite, respectful manner and a clean cut appearance. As the head judge then I had occasion to deal with many surfers in stressful situations, after all we were affecting the outcome of their careers.


Midget Smith professional surfboard shaper
Sean always presented himself in a calm, rational manner. At times he was helping a fellow competitor not just looking out for himself. I have the highest regard for him as a true, professional surfer. This background gives him unique qualifications to steer young surfers in competing, and career management. This has also carried over to his teaching and coaching. Witness him on those cold mornings at Oceanside harbor with students, not just coaching but doing so in a supportive, positive way. Correcting their techniques and at the same time pointing out what they are doing right. With people such as Sean getting involved in coaching, I can only be encouraged about the future of surfing. "
Joey Buran - Pipe Masters Champion

"I have known Sean Mattison for almost twenty years and I consider him to be a close friend. Throughout this time I have continually been impressed by his surfing, ocean knowledge, and expertise in the surf industry. Sean is more than a former successful pro surfer; he is a waterman with a tremendous wealth of knowledge on the many issues related to the sport of surfing.

In recent years I have seen first hand Sean's progression from being a local surf instructor/coach in the North San Diego County area to his ascent of becoming a coach for the US National Surf Team. I believe that Sean's role as a surf instructor/coach has given him a great outlet and opportunity to pour his surf knowledge into others. I am confident that he will continue to grow in his skills as a surf instructor/coach as he now begins to dedicate more time and energy to this pursuit.

Joey Buran
Beyond his surfing career and his role as a surf instructor/coach, I have observed Sean to be a man of faith, family, integrity with a strong work ethic. It is my conviction that these positive qualities are the things that have made him so successful in all that he has done. I am sure that those who work with him will benefit not only from his knowledge of surfing and the ocean itself, but also gain additional insights to the bigger issues of life that can help set them on a course for success and personal fulfillment. I give my fullest endorsement on behalf of Sean Mattison with full confidence that he will continue to be a benefit to all those who choose to learn from and work with him. "
Courtney Conlogue -
ISA World Champion & US Open Champion

"Sean's coaching has been a great asset to the USA Surf Team program and helped the USA World Team earn our ISA Gold medal in Costa Rica. It has truely been a great experience working with Sean.He brings his powerful energy and enthusiasm to his coaching.He has shared his personal knowledge and experience with me.He know what it takes to win and what each individual athlete needs to bring their surfing to the next level."


Trevor Thornton
2009 NSSA's Most Improved Surfer Award

"Sean, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your training. It has helped my surfing and I feel that I have really improved over the past few years. I have accomplished so much this season and I give you credit for your dedication to my training. Some of the accomplishments I am proud of are winning the WSA Championships in 2008, being invited to the USA Surf Trials and finishing 7th and being invited to compete in the WSA Prime where I am now ranked 9th overall. I also set some goals for this season and I did reach one goal which was winning an NSSA contest. I also made the regional final, taking 5th. I give you credit for the awesome training, for pushing me and for believing in me. I do have one more goal this year, so I am pumped and determined to reach it! I want to thank you very much for inviting me to train with the U.S. team, I’m looking forward to learning great things and using them to reach my goals. I really want to have a future in surfing and I know that with your training I will have a good chance of getting to that level. "

Trevor Thorton
Sean Mattison and Rob Machado
Sean Mattison and Rob Machado
Sean Mattison and Taylor Knox
Sean Mattison and Taylor Knox
Coaching AMERICA's Best Surfing Talent!


Connor Coffin Coaching
SURFER: Conner Coffin


Nat Young coaching
SURFER: Nat Young


Kolohe Andino Coaching
SURFER: Kolohe Andino


evan geiselman surfing mag cover shot
SURFER: Evan Geiselman


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